Searching for colour inspiration and design.

We are inspired to work on new projects by women – their strength, beauty, harmony and precision of movement. We create with their comfort and well-being during exercise in mind.



The first sketches in our design studio are developed in a traditional way – on a piece of paper. At this stage already, we pay great attention to detail – the line of the project, location of the darts, neckline shape. We know that they make up the style of clothes.



Choice of colour combinations and materials.

We want our clothes to ensure maximum comfort for women, and that is why we choose fabrics that guarantee that comfort regardless of the type of sport – breathable textiles using the ExtremeDry technology.



Sewing of sample models.

We closely cooperate with the sewing room where our ideas come into existence. We adhere to the highest quality, and thus every seam is made by experienced seamstresses, and every detail is hand-finished.

All the work on each model takes place in the area of Poland.